About DIY sound toy kit "Capsule Cheeper"

Introduction and support page of DIY sound toy kit "Capsule Cheeper". I will update it from time to time.


What is Capsule Cheeper?


  • It cheeps when you put wire, clip, resistor or mechanical pencil lead in the capsule.
  • You can experience soldering (It is suitable for beginners because there are only few parts)
  • You can understand and feel the concept of resistance value.
  • Cute!
  • The time required for assembly is 1 to 2 hours for adults, the target age is over the upper grade of elementary school.

How to get

  • If you can purchase 8 or more at a time, you will receive direct sales.
    • Please send the following information to this form. A statement that it is a Capsule Cheeper purchase request, quantity, shipping address, your name. I will contact you shortly. (Because it is under production, it will be shipped in September, 1200 yen / piece, payment is only bank transfer.)
  • We are preparing an online shop for those who want to purchase one by one unit. Please wait for a while. If you register on this form, we will contact you at the beginning of sales. → Capsule Cheeper DIY sound toy kit / カプセルチーパー

Please read before purchase

  • Exterior capsules may have scratches and small cracks.
    • I uses capsules for Gacha-Gacha as exteriors. Since the capsule is handled roughly as a disposable container on the market, scratches are included at the time of purchase even I'm using a non-used one.

Required tools

Please prepare the following items.

【Optional】(More stars are more convenient)

Assembly manual


Users group

I have created the users group on Facebook. Please participate. Those who have not obtained their capsule are welcome as well.
Capsule Cheeper Users Group
Please post anything including assembling consultation, photos of completed capsule, modification examples, etc...


For assembly questions and consultation, please post to the user group as much as possible. Information can be shared with other members, which will be helpful for everyone. Also, you can get answers more quickly than via other contacts.

Please contact here for missing items etc. Since it is not a special form, please be sure to state that it is an inquiry about Capsule Cheeper.